Emotional Negative Triggers - Empowerment & Fulfillment

Coaching Hard Working Women to Overcome Emotional Eating, Regain Their Confidence, Inner Power and Resiliency and Becoming Healthy Gamechanger, Through Creating Sustainable Healthy Habits, and Prevent Development of Stress/junk Food-related Diseases, Sleep Disorders and Negative Mental Patterns.

Who Am I?

I am a Strategic Intervention Coach specializing in emotional eating.

Despite my academic background, I have always been passionate about psychology, personal development, mental health, and behavioral and emotional health.  

I  am a certified yoga teacher. Yoga has been my passion since I was fifteen years old. As a yoga teacher, I was blessed to have deep talks with my clients about their challenges, circumstances and life paths. These stories as well as my personal challenges and journey motivated me to study and learn different therapeutic and coaching techniques. 

In addition to regression therapy and hypnotherapy, I have experience with autogenic training as well as shamanic practices.

Having studied herbalism as well as biology, I am happy to impart my knowledge and best of what I learned to you.

Working with clients diagnosed with disorders of the autistic spectrum and dementia was one of the most enriching experiences. I felt like a real “life scientist” discovering the inner world to understand what is beyond seen, the personal truths shaped by positive and negative triggers, and memories.

My clients were my biggest teachers and I believe we grow together. I learned that the most effective recipe is a combination of several techniques and comprehensive system.

My favourite phrase is “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu.”

This Zulu phrase translates as “I am because you are. You are because we are.” I, personally. believe in the power of community and interdependence with each other. The biggest achievements can be done by working together. Therefore, I offer 1-on-1 coaching and created comprehensive program to level up your overall health and create life fulfilment. 

It is crafted based on personal experiences of myself and my family, my clients, students and friends and I believe it will bring more awareness, growth and joy.

I want to support talented game changers to accept their power (vulnerability and emotions), being in tune with their body, emotions, mental space and life call. Being free from unhealthy dynamics starting with food and habits, continuing in relationships, job or life.

My wishes for society are physical, mental and emotional health, joy and lightness. That way, people can live their mission, fulfil their potential and feel the connection with one another, and nature itself. From creating your personal healthy space, powerful evolution follows.

Michaela Czerneková holds a PhD in Cell biology from the Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

Hard-working or self-employed women in their 35+ who are struggling with emotional eating, feeling sad, anxious or depressed and doubting themselves (with possible imposter syndrome). This is due to some emotional triggers they have no clarity about. They struggle to go to a gym or studio and develop poor body image. These issues are impacting their social image and work performance negatively.

Our collaboration will help them understand the triggers causing emotional eating, their overall emotions and re-start their lifestyle. We will find techniques that will help them to keep this lifestyle and they become emotionally agile, joyous, confident and thriving.. They will feel healthier, more in tune with themselves and will be able to impact their work and income positively. 


Who It Is Not For?

  • For women with active forms of eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia or pica needing professional psychological and health care.
  • For women who want to lose weight without taking time to deal with their emotional and mental state.
  • For women with serious health issues who need medical help.
  • For Women who are not committed to take serious action on their negative emotional triggers
  • For women who are looking for a quick fix solution to their emotional issues
Module One

Win the Hunger Games


  • Provide the client with an understanding of eating habits and patterns.
  • Creating easy-to-follow, sustainable techniques and habits that will replace unhealthy coping mechanisms and emotional eating.
  • Feeling more powerful, energized and optimistic instead of sluggish, unmotivated and anxious about daily tasks.
  • Learning techniques to clean the body from toxins and get the gut to work effectively.
  • Understand what is the “hunger” role.


Instead of habits that are wasting your energy, we will find what habits are hindering you and the most important daily habits that are sustainable and support your effective decision-making and evolution.

New healthy habits will make you feel powerful instead of addicted to sugar or losing control over food. We will create a personalized cookbook in order to not waste mental energy on what and when to cook. Thus you will avoid the yo-yo effect due to tremendous dieting attempts. You will learn to trust your gut again.

Create art of fulfilment instead of filling yourself with toxic food, thoughts and habits.

Module Two

Craft Your New Identity: Praise, Esteem and Care for the Self


  • Understand your core values, beliefs and emotions connected to your inner world that creates your image of the Self.
  • Feeling more confident.
  • Expansion of capacity to feel loving emotions towards your body, mind and emotions.
  • Self-acceptance instead of judgment and validating your emotions.
  • Being more mindful of many colors of the soul (= body, mind, emotions).
  • Shift the negative emotions into neutral or positive.
  • Shifting body shame, and poor self-image to at least neutral and ideally positive.
  • Create a healthy emotional climate.


Is your inner critic louder than it could be? 

This module will lead you to build inner confidence, self-loving emotions and habits. This will lead to the expansion of love towards the Self. And I don’t mean like an affirmation that you read but does not speak to you, but you really will feel it from within. 

That way, you will never ask yourself “Am I worthy?”, “Do I deserve love?” or “Am I good enough?”.

Module Three

Stop the Shame and Guilt. Trust Your Gut


  • Clarity about what hunger represents to you (what do you lack). 
  • Clarity about triggers causing shame, guilt, anxiety.
  • Shift the negative emotions into neutral or positive. 
  • Emotional self-care habits. 
  • Healthy coping strategies for managing fears and anxiety.
  • Understanding the roots of shame and guilt, accepting our suppressed parts and emotions and integrating them. 
  • Recreate the version of yourself you want to be.


Do you feel ashamed, guilty or anxious after eating, going to gym or even social events and networking? And you wondered what’s holding you back to be social and shine?

This module will lead you to build inner confidence and trust in your inner world and feelings. You will cross over the resistance or inner blockages. 

Together, we will work on the shift of negative emotions (e.g. shame or guilt) to at least neutral and ideally positive. 

We will address subconscious avoidant and self-sabotaging traits, deeply rooted fears and (often generational) limiting beliefs. You will learn to use your emotions as a perfect tool and guide. That way, you gain strategies to manage anxiety and fears. 

You will not discover yourself. You will create yourself.

Module Four

Boundaries: the Bridge to Connect With Each Other


  • Setting healthy boundaries: life/work, me/you time.
  • Having “not-to-do list” which help you to keep your boundaries.
  • Clarity about core values and needs.
  • Know, admit and express your feelings.
  • list of asserting positive or negative requests (action steps) in order to respect your boundaries.
  • Understanding and respecting personal truth.
  • More personal empowerment.
  • Being able to say “no” when you mean it instead of saying “yes” when you mean “no”.
  • Being able to keep people that we love and care about in our life and still being able to keep own integrity and sense of self.


Do you have a never-ending to-do list because you always want to be helpful and useful to others? If you say “yes” but inside you want to say “no”, you are violating your boundaries.

This module will provide you with an understanding of your physical, emotional and mental boundaries to stay true to what feels good to you. Setting healthy boundaries doesn’t mean turning your back on others, but being confident in your feelings in order to create a meaningful and respectful connection with yourself and the people around you.

Module Five

What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger


  • Prevent stress-related health issues.
  • Understand which are the main stressors and emotional triggers. Work with them as important life navigators.
  • Rewire the stressed and overwhelmed brain by creating a clear vision for your future.


Stress will always be there and we often cannot avoid it. While eu-stress can help us to step out of our comfort zone, distress creates a lot of pressure.

Here, we will create healthy coping techniques (especially for coping with hard life circumstances) that serve as prevention to stress-related health problems (hair loss, fatigue, burnout, depression, digestion problems, feeling irritated and overwhelmed with emotions).

You will manage to turn off the autopilot, authentically feel and release what does not serve your highest self. These new healthy coping mechanisms will help you to communicate effectively your needs and emotions to colleagues or family members which leads to overall relationship improvement.

Module Six

Beauty of Sleeping


  • Improve sleep environment.
  • Create sleep habits that allow you to be chilled out about sleep.
  • Learn muscle relaxation techniques.


Cross-sectional studies in adults have proved a correlation between lack of sleep, overeating and weight increase. Good quality sleep is, thus, an important step for healthy and sustainable weight management. This assessment will lead you to create a chill around sleeping routine while utilizing different techniques from meditation, yin yoga, herbal medicine, biohacking tips and tools. That way you will not wake up feeling tired. You will increase the quality of sleep and a dream journal will support your work with the subconscious mind.
Module Seven

Get Rid of the Lack Mentality. Know Your WHY


  • A financial plan so you will feel safe.
  • Identifying limiting beliefs about finances.
  • Identifying core problems (those behind the “safe” problems) and finding action steps.
  • Better productivity, clear vision.
  • Vision board and action steps.
  • More purpose and joy in life.


Little by little, little becomes a lot. With little but powerful steps every day you create abundance in your life. For sustainable habits, you have to know your WHY. Here, we create a specific financial plan and clear the limiting beliefs and fears regarding the current job, career and mission in order for you to feel empowered and confident to change the game. You will detect your superpower and trust yourself to make a difference.
Module Eight

The Last Push


  • Having clarity about what is excellence for you and where to put focus.
  • Expansion of self-loving and joyous emotions about the future.
  • Having clarity about skills that need to be worked on in order to excel.
  • Understanding of mean goals vs end goals.
  • The last push to make the decision.
  • Speed up the decision-making process.
  • Finding 3 things where you are the most joyous and you can follow them.
  • Re-connection to nature.
  • Finding 1 thing how to sustainably contribute outside our borders.
  • More purpose and joy in life.


This module is your last and final push to becoming “unf*ckwithable”. That means, knowing your truth and values, accepting and being in tune with your body, mind and emotions and making consistent daily action steps to live your purposes and mission, being fully in your own power. By that you can elevate, truly appreciate others and contribute to the community.

In that empowered state, you have all you need to make decisions and deal with any consequences of possible turns. You already are the artist of your life – craft your original and authentic masterpiece.

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