Michaela Czernekova

Please Go Through Everything Before Your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

In short:

My goal is to create a holistic and comprehensive program to shed the light on the unknown emotional triggers, fears and beliefs that lead to unhealthy habits and limit or block you from your passions and being the highest version of yourself.

I mentor and coach, and implement strategic intervention coaching as well as positive psychology, yoga philosophy and modern science to improve your physical, mental and emotional health.

The real reason:

— Why
Emotional eating might create very unhealthy loops. No matter how many diets and detoxes people do, when they are stressed, struggle, feel strong emotions or some unknown triggers, overcoming food cravings seems to be impossible. The short-term bliss is, however, replaced by guilt, shame or more anxiety.

With time, this loop is getting bigger and bigger. If triggers are not addressed or suppressed, people are caught in distraction, anxiety, stress and life imbalance. They feel disempowered and thus endure the unhealthy habits or even add more escapism such as shopping, alcohol, numbing emotions or simply avoiding the whole issue until they find out some serious health problems (such as being overweight, hair falling, digestive issues, problems with sleep regime, diabetes or overall hormonal imbalance). People feel not only bad in their bodies but minds as well. They feel lost in their emotions and own needs which leads to anxiety or depression, lacking focus and clarity, erratic sleep patterns and emotional irritation.

Having an unhealthy relationship with oneself leads to self-sabotaging patterns, defensiveness and unhealthy boundaries. That is reflected not only on relationship level but it affects your job, salary and performance as well. Simply whole life.

The result is that people lack trust and confidence in their power and abilities. Feeling disempowered, they are taking only small actions, earning half what they could earn, settling for less in their job, relationships and life even when they are aware that they deserve so much more from life.

— What
What you do to change that, is shedding the light on what are you really hungry for and what are your unknown patterns, needs, triggers and unhealthy habits.

The successful game changers are focused rather than on what they want to have on HOW they want to LIVE and whether they feel healthy and balanced in their everyday life.

All you have to do is to understand and accept your emotions and use them as a powerful tool and guide. With the integration of the suppressed parts of yourself, you will leave the self-sabotaging habits and patterns which do not serve you.

That allows you to step into your own power and create sustainable healthy habits. This will allow you to be more decisive and have healthy boundaries and confidence. And that confidence will guide you to take bigger actions and therefore results.

Now, you allow your evolution.

You’ll have a consistent increase in energy level in your body and learn how to transmute unwanted emotional states.

You’ll have clarity about what part of yourself needs the nourishment, what are your main stressors and hope to cope with them healthy way.

Because you will be able to make bigger action, you’ll gain clarity about your life goals and where to focus your energy.

You’ll be able to go for that new project, better salary, have better meaningful relationships and live an outstanding life.

— How
I use a combination of different techniques that helped not only me, but also my clients, students and friends.

Resistance is that sweet spot that we have to face in order to grow. And having someone who creates and holds space for this kind of work will make it so much easier and lighter.

Coaching will help you to change the limiting mindset that is not serving you anymore.

I am going to provide you with guidance, support and cheerleading during the implementation of the new habits into your life.

Thus, you will create sustainable healthy habits, autonomy and inner power. I will guide, uplift and motivate you so all that you learn you will implement into everyday life and gain the overall life balance.

2. What can I expect from the call?

We’re going to determine what’s NOT working in your current health/food habits and life in general. Once we are both clear about that we’ll discuss your goals. If we feel working with Michaela is your best next step toward achieving your goals and solving your issue, we’ll talk about that. If it ends up not being a fit, we’ll still point you in the direction of resources that will help you.

3. Who is Michaela Czernekova?

Michaela Czerneková is university teacher, certified yoga teacher and scientist. She started her coaching journey as the very natural next step after many years of teaching, science popularisation, mentoring and self-development journey.

She was always interested in health, psychology and teaching. Especially in an academic environment, during her studies, she struggled with Imposter Syndrom and visited few coaches. At that time, it was not very helpful because there was no breakthrough during the first session and it did not feel right. Therefore, she searched and tested many tools and strategies on her own.

Her life-changing experience was working as a yoga teacher for families with kids with disorders of the autistic spectrum and as a live-in carer for people with dementia. Working with these clients brought her much more empathy and understanding and even more curiosity about the human soul, (meaning body-mind-emotions), growth, fulfilling potential and life mission.

After finishing her PhD in cell biology at the Faculty of Medicine, she started her academic career at the university. Even though mentoring young students and supporting them to find their path is her great joy, she experienced burnout syndrome. With her need for more growth and meaning, she tested the waters in marketing as a personal brand strategist. This work helped her to get her mojo back because her first client was a coach. She experienced by herself as well as many other people how powerful and life-changing coaching really can be. That encouraged her deep curiosity about Strategic Intervention Coaching and other coaching techniques. Therefore, she is attending a certified program for elite coaches. Her understanding of „health“ is influenced not only by modern science but also by experiences with Reconnective healing.

Some People I’ve Worked With

Frida Soerensen

“When I first met Michaela, I was feeling really down about my current job, my hopes for the future and my energy was very low. Her gentle but honest questioning helped me open up about what I was really afraid of and with her guidance I realized that I was keeping myself stuck in a stressful and unfulfilling job as an excuse not to move forward with what I really wanted to do. to focus on creating my coaching business. She helped me identify simple steps to keep moving me in the right direction. As a result I now feel more clear and empowered to take action! “

Molly Desch

“Michaele is no easy to talk to. I felt it was very easy to open up to her and talk through something that had been bothering me for awhile. Within one call she was able to get me to view the situation in a new light and create action steps for the next time I encountered the problem. Since working with her, I have been able to remember our conversation and apply her principles more broadly in my life.”

Michaela G.

“Michaela helped me to go through one of the most difficult moment of my life. I felt no power to do it alone. Michaela showed me where to start and guided me step by step in order to be successful. She motivated me and helped me to be active every single day and actually enjoy the process. Her support is tremendous and I encourage you, whatever it is you’re struggling with, don’t hesitate to try a session with Michaela. In only one hour you know exactly what to do and you get all the necessary determination and passion to reach your goal no matter how hard it might seem to be. “