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How to Get Rid of Emotional Eating Forever and Be Healthy in 6 Steps.

Sustainable Protocol for Managing Intense Emotions Toward Healthy and Fulfilled Life Without Yo-yo Dieting, Food Restrictions or Sugar Addiction

Michaela Czernekova
Strategic Intervention Coach and PhD candidate in Cell Biology from the Faculty of Medicine

What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:

✓ What is emotional eating

✓ The 6 step proven protocol you´ll need to manage cravings, hormonal balance and reach high energetic state

✓ What is glucose spike and how to stabilize blood sugar levels

✓ What is reason for fatigue and how to feel energized again

✓ Why counting calories does not necessarily improve your health

✓ The practical steps to stress management

✓ How to increase sleep quality and why is it necessary

✓ The 3 steps to be emotionally agile and manage intense emotions